Wize Owl Handprints

Block printing is the original method of printing an image multiple times & predates acid etching & photography by hundreds of years. I design & hand carve these images with small wood carving tools. It is a slow, but rewarding process along with the printing. The art of depicting an image through block printing involves incorporating the white space around the image as much as the image itself. It creates a unique look. Some of the colors are blended to create a third color.

There are many steps involved in hand printing. These include:

hand-cutting the paper down to size

hand mixing the inks to the chosen color

setting up a smooth palette for transferring the color on to the block

soaking the paper in a water bath & blotting out excess moisture

setting up a registration device so the block is printed on the center of the paper

Then when all of this is done I can print! I hand print without a press, instead using the weight of my strength with a roller pushing down on the paper into the block that I have inked up. When I have made several passes with the roller, I pull it off the block & set the printed card aside to dry overnight.

As you can see, this is a fine art, hand-pulled print with many steps involved, done the old-fashioned way. It is not a color digital image from a commercial printer.

Welcome to the world of wood & linoleum block printing!

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